This Week's Best-Sellers: Popular Prayers and a Modern Saint

8. The Experience of God, vol. 5: The Sanctifying Mysteries

Yet another week with Staniloae in the lead. (Watch on Cyber Monday and we'll have the full set on sale.) 

7. Icon as Communion

This book, we're told, is one of the best resources on iconography available in the English language--not just theologically, but educationally as well. 

6. The Experience of God, vol. 6: The Fulfillment of Creation

Another classic title from Fr. Staniloae. 

5. Daily Prayers for Orthodox Christians

This popular prayer book deserves a place on every Orthodox bookshelf. 

4. Service of Small Paraklesis

Do you have a Paraklesis service book?

3. Guide for a Church Under Islam

If you've been keeping up with our weekly best-sellers, this will be a familiar title to you--week after week, Guide for a Church Under Islam appears on our list. 

2. Pocket Edition: An Orthodox Prayer Book

We just can't keep this prayer book on the shelves. Attractive and sturdy, this prayer book from New Rome Press is a favorite of our seminarians. 
1. St. Nectarios of Pentapolis and the Island of Aegina, vol. 1

And now, for the first time, St. Nectarios makes an appearance on our best-seller list. A biography of the beloved saint, this book (along with its companion volume) will also be on sale for Cyber Monday. 

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