Christmas Gift Guide: Just for Kids

So you have nieces and nephews or kids of your own. Maybe you're a thoughtful grandparent or Sunday school teacher. Whoever you are, you have kids in your life--kids who need more than just another Slinky or Justin Bieber CD. 

If you're looking for a Christmas gift that will not only delight your kids, but engage them in our Orthodox faith, look no further!

Gifts for Younger Kids

Easy-to-Make Nativity Scene

This set is a wonderful way to introduce  young children to the Nativity story. Each character and set piece is perforated for easy removal, so you and your child can create a Nativity scene of your own. Softcover.

The Adventure of Father Evangelos

A colorful and imaginative picture book from Potamitis Press, this delightful tale full of whimsical animals and the warmth of Nativity will delight both the very young and the young at heart. Hardcover.

Psalms for Young Children

What do we do when we're scared? How can we pray when God seems far away? This vividly-illustrated collection of psalms is beautifully paraphrased so that even the smallest believer can glean from their wisdom: that God is always with us, no matter how we feel. Hardcover.

Guardian Angel prayer book

A classic children's guide to the Divine Liturgy! This pocket-sized book explains each step of the liturgy with colorful illustrations and simple text. Vinyl cover. (Out of print! Get it while it's still available.) 

HCHC T-Shirts

You're never too young to start showing school spirit!

Gifts for Older Kids

The Silent Way set

In this chapter book series, authors Jeanette Aydlette and Marilyn Rouvelas explain the passions  in a way that older kids can easily understand. Each book is inventively written as a series of letters between Eleni, Peter, and their wise grandfather. Softcover.

The Bible for Young People

This sturdy Bible storybook is brimming with icon-style illustrations. It would make a great bedtime storybook or an introductory Bible for older children. Hardcover.

Children’s Bible Reader

Translated by the Greek Bible Association, this collection features Bible stories written in very short renditions--also excellent for storytime or the curious reader. Hardcover.

Need more ideas? Give us a call at 1 (800) 245-0599. Joyous Nativity!

(Keep your eye on this page, as we'll be updating it with new ideas throughout the Nativity season.)

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