Staff Picks: Fr. Thomas Hopko's "The Winter Pascha"

It's that time again! This week's staff pick comes from Nick, a fourth-year seminarian here at Holy Cross. Nick helps cover the desk for us here at the bookstore. Chances are, if you give us a call around lunchtime, you'll hear Nick's friendly voice on the line.

How did you first hear about this book?
The book was recommended to me by my parish's bookstore in December 2011. 
Why does this book matter to you?
This book allows me to personalize and more fully participate in the Advent Fast towards Christmas. Through his integration of biblical readings, reflections on the Saints, and liturgical hymns in short and concise chapters which follow our Liturgical Calendar, Fr. Tom Hopko made this the perfect companion for me in anticipation of the birth of Christ.  
What about this book did you find surprising?
This book surprised me in that it was so short and concise--yet opened up my world when it came to the true meaning of Christmas and the Advent Fast. 
Who should read this book?
Anyone who wishes to learn more about Advent and the true meaning of Christmas.
Thanks, Nick! You can find The Winter Pascha and so much more (including Christmas books!) right here at Holy Cross Bookstore. 

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