This Week's Best-Sellers: Jackson Pollock and the Return of a Popular Romanian

What a different crowd we have this week! You'll find some academic favorites, a Greek philosopher, and a few familiar faces. Happy Friday!  

9. Economia and EschatologySteylios Muksuris
This title is one of the only books in English about the history of the prothesis rite, the small service the priest performs before the Divine LIturgy begins. A fascinating read!

8. Against Religion, Christos Yannaras
Maybe you know Yannaras as the famous Greek philosopher, or maybe you were attracted by the enchantingly bizarre Pollock painting on the cover. Either way, this title is sure to captivate, as Yannaras examines the influences of Western society on Orthodoxy. 

7. Icon as Communion, George Kordis
This helpful work by master iconographer George Kordis is part instruction, part theology. Iconographers who visit our store tell us it's one of the best authorities on the subject. 

6. The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, Pew Edition
This compact and handy liturgy book deserves a home on the shelf of every Orthodox Christian. (Not that we're biased--it's published by Holy Cross Orthodox Press.) 

5. Experience of God, vol. 6: The Fulfillment of Creation, Dumitru Staniloae
Romanian priest and theologian Staniloae makes yet another appearance on our weekly best-seller list. This title is the final installment in his classic Experience of God series. 

4. The Holy Trinity: In the Beginning There Was Love, Dumitru Staniloae
More Staniloae! A slim but potent volume. 

3. Guide for a Church Under Islam, Patrick Viscuso
Call it current events, call it modern curiosity--whatever you call it, we just can't keep this book on the shelves. 

2. Orthodox Canon Law Reference Book, Vasile Mihai
Ever wanted to know the answers to every obscure pastoral dilemma? Say no more. This book would make a great gift for the clergyman (or canon law enthusiast) in your life. 

1. Daily Prayers for Orthodox Christians
Ah, an old favorite. You can't go wrong with Daily Prayers. 

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