This Week's Best-Sellers: ISIS and Women of Faith

It's Friday, which means two things: you're excited for the weekend, and we're excited to share our best-sellers with you! You might recognize a couple favorites from last week (Daily Prayers, namely), but other than that, it's a whole new crew.  

8. Guide for a Church Under Islam, Patrick Viscuso

Since ISIS has been making the news, we haven't been able to keep this book on our shelves. The clashing of Christianity and radical Islam is nothing new (check out the Saint of the Day); through an examination of the Canons, this book examines some of the particular challenges the Church has faced under radical Islam. 

7.) Holiness: Is it Attainable Today?, Monk Moses

Even though, as Solomon proclaims, "there is nothing new under the sun," today's Christians face a seemingly unprecedented variety of challenges and distractions from the narrow path. So, is holiness really attainable in this day and age? We guess you'll have to read the book to find out!

6.) Daily Prayers for Orthodox Christians 

A perennial favorite from Holy Cross Orthodox Press, this prayerbook is down from #3 on last week's list.

5.) Wounded by Love, Elder Porphyrios

This is another frequent seller. This collection of wisdom from the beloved Elder is used in book studies across the country. 

4.) Service of Small Paraklesis

Another classic from Holy Cross Orthodox Press! This lovely and compact service book will last through a lifetime's worth of Paraklesis services.

3.) Encountering Women of Faith, vol. 1, ed. Kyriaki Fitzgerald

One of our favorite things about the Orthodox faith is that it celebrates the holy accomplishments of men and women saints alike. Want to know more about the lives of women saints? Look no further. Here, you'll find tales of the Martyr Elizabeth, a duchess-turned-martyr and other heroes of the faith.

2.) Encountering Women of Faith, vol. 2, ed. Kyriaki Fitzgerald

Did we mention this is a series? This volume provides even more stories of the lives of women saints, including St. Mary of Egypt. (This collection is edited by Holy Cross' very own Dr. Kyriaki Fitzgerald!) 

1.) Story of Icons, Mary Hallick
Oh, Story of Icons, you defy all attempts to categorize you. What isn't Story of Icons? Theologically complex yet simple enough for older children, this title explains the use of icons in the Orthodox church. And, at only $5, it's a bargain for church bookstores and early Christmas shoppers. 


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