Dumitru Staniloae and the Mystery of the Trinity

Last week, works by Dumitru Staniloae occupied half our best-sellers list. This beloved Romanian theologian, who spent years in prison under the Communists, writes of the mysteries of the Orthodox faith in a way everyone can understand. His popular work The Holy Trinity: In the Beginning, There Was Love investigates the mystery of the Trinity.

"The Holy Trinity is the supreme mystery of existence. It explains everything, and nothing can be explained without it. This is why it is intelligible even though it is a mystery, and also why it is logical up to a point." 

In words at once insightful and lovely, Staniloae explains the necessity of the Trinity to our very existence.

"What can justify existence more than love? Love can be endless because it is never satiated by anything. Having no end, it can also have no beginning. Love without beginning or end sheds light on and brings a complete thankfulness for existence." 

You can find The Holy Trinity and other works by Staniloae right here at Holy Cross Bookstore. 

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